Friday, 30 August 2013

30 August, 2013.

Have you ever known pain? Not the physical one. Not the visible wounds that bleed. There's another kind of pain. Pain that sucks the life out of you. Pain that kills your will power. Pain that destroys you. Like Mrs Adenuga's pain when her husband took their househelp as second wife. Or Adanma when she walked in her boyfriend  making out with another boy. The hardest part was the shame they both had to deal with. Adanma couldn't tell people why she left her boyfriend. Mrs Adenuga, on the other hand, could'nt leave her husband, she had his six children and no job. Now Mrs Adenuga is a shadow of herself. She never leaves the house, she fears the shame and the gossip. She preferred to stay indoors and embrace the darkness and spite for her husband that was eating her up. Adanma never forgot the image of her boyfriend with the guy he was with. She couldn't seem to convince her heart to love again. There's always pain that comes with loving someone. Love is weakness. Funmi seems to think so, as Ayo has been in control of her "mumu button" for more than three years now. She simply cannot help herself around him. He never made her forget her irrelevance as he always flaunted his fiance in front of her. She held on stupidly still and only accepted her fate when he got married to the girl. One of the biggest weddings in Lagos. However she is still very much content still with her duties of satisfying him on nights he chose to remember her.

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