Monday, 2 September 2013

Ninety "RUTHLESS" Days. By Obinna Obioma.

It seems like forever. It seems like forever since I looked into your bright white eyes, since I held you close to me, since you rested your head on my shoulder, since we stared at each other with nothing to say. How I miss that the most. How I miss just being with you, how I miss how our hands would fuse into each other, how I miss when we would sit for hours at a time. Only if I had known it would be like this, I would never have left that faithful Monday afternoon. I would never have come back to this empty city, this empty house, this empty room, filled with nothing but memories of you. The phone calls seem to do more harm than good, with each conversation it dawns on me more that you're not here, that you're miles away, that this is a bad dream I'm not going to wake up from anytime soon. I sigh at every thought of you, at every mental image of your face.
 It seems like forever since we smiled at each other. I spend hours in my room trying to picture your smile, that smile, how i never get tired of it. You always seemed to get my spirit lifted with it, how you would always make me feel better even if I was having a bad day. The nights grow longer as I patiently wait for our reunion, now much of a mirage that seems to be. My heart stays focused as my mind tries to play tricks on it, tries to sway it away from the hope of seeing you again. Passing days start and end the same with out you in them. Regardless of the fact that we talk all the time, nothing can replace your physical presence. Nothing can replace how you make me feel, nothing can replace you.
It seems like forever since we prayed together, I remember how we use to always hold hands in agreement on a matter, how you always seemed to inspire me to pray longer, how being around you fueled me even more. The Ora around you can't be explained with words, you can't be explained with words. Some days the pain of missing you so much increases with each passing hour, I try to forge on, try to block it out with other activities, but to no avail. You've become such an integral part of me, almost like a limb, you're connected to me. Saying I miss you never truly qualifies anything, never gives true meaning to the emotion behind it, I search my vocabulary for a more suitable phrase, one that would truly justify the emotions I feel without you, none seem to fit.

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  1. I love the intimacy this post so delicately portrays... Great write up.