Thursday, 22 March 2012

What happens when we dont wait

I was bored
Sick of the world
So bored I could eat myself.
I was tired of waiting and hoping
For the fantasy prince of my dreams
So I gave my heart to a lad with butterfingers
So I shouldn’t have been surprised when he let it slip from his fingers
And to the floor into a thousand pieces
For what we had was almost love I believed
He was sorta kinda right and sorta kinda wrong
So I stuck to his short lived compliments
Of “sweet empty nothings”
And when everything took that wrong turn
The agony was priceless
I swallowed up my cries at night so no one would hear
I buried my head in my pillow to hide the tears.
For I brought this upon myself
And I was gutless so I wouldn’t leave
I hoped for someone to notice
I was quiet but screaming inside
“Cant anyone see I’m hurting!”
My misery ended
With that black and white revelation I remember
A mucky figure
Running blindly and half hazardly with fear
From an image in form of a ghost
It took a while for me to realize
That that message was for me
So I took to my heels and ran.

1st of march writings

I would rather be alone in this world
Than have so many people and still feel so alone
I would prefer not to feel
than have all these feelings and still feel empty
I would prefer to own nothing
Than lose everything
I would rather not remember
Than have so  many memories that would make me hurt inside.
I would rather be alone in this world
Than love and not be loved
Than worry for the ones I hold dear
Than fear always for tomorrow
Than grieve for the ones I have lost.
There is so much evil in this world.
We are stronger facing them alone
Than have family and loose them
Or have friends that are enemies
Or love someone that loves another
I would rather be alone in this world.