Friday, 5 December 2014

Not everytime front, sometimes love fiercely.

Lesson of the day: Say what you want, how you want to say it, love who you love, the way your heart wants to and the one that will stay will come.

Because you were the moon and I was the endless gloomy sky. 
Our love was different, beautiful, dark and extraordinary, brave regardless of time and it's inevitable doom. 
So I liked to believe.                  
I had the deep terrible lingering fear of uncertainty. Of myself. The way I loved you fiercely the same overwhelming way the universe swallows our world.
I wondered if we shared the same secret, if you feared losing me too.  If at anytime I wandered away, your heart would feel my absence.   
Or whether the laws of love applied to us. Laws that dictated who to love, how to show love and how much love to give.
  I laid myself bare before you, feelings engraved on my skin, oozing intoxicatingly from my being. I loved you the way my heart knew.     
Was that what sent you away?  Or did you just yearn for brighter skies?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


"Aggressive tendencies"

Is how he'd describe it

It : An extremely repulsive yet compulsive urge to unearth,

Or kill - End - transcend.

He felt 'it' when he looked at her, however 'it' floated like spit on the surface of a pool of much more intense emotions like love and lust. A thick - neon - colored pool of emotions swirling around inside him, nearly oozing out of his veins - everything with him was intense - immense, forcing him to the precipice of control.

If she so much as blinked wrong he would kill her.



She was so full of emptiness.

It was how someone was to feel after wasting her years and love on men who did not belong to her, years of praying to the confusion within her to bring her the one. Each day began with an urge to release the emerging rain of sadness that hid behind her huge brown eyes.

He was the first thing she felt. In a long time. That dangerous flutter inside and the silence, where everything was enchanted and moved in slow motion, where she felt her whole being yearned for him.


Cliche as it may sound, she spoke to him with her eyes.

They had never actually said a word to each other before, living in the same building you might consider it strange, living in the same building for well over 8 months - dare I say - even stranger.

But she spoke to him, with her eyes and her body, she spoke to him. Today she called him, she led and he followed , patient and obedient he followed,  a somewhat dangerous and predatory swagger became of the way he towered behind her.

The air was like it had been infused with her essence -

*'Infuse: fill; pervade.
e.g : "her work is infused with an anger born of pain and oppression" - Google*

- he felt the air that she now possessed on his skin, it came prickly, like electricity - it gave him goosebumps.

He followed her through the previously mysterious door, into the room he had previously only imagined, he looked around  swiftly for the tiger he always imagined would be resting elegantly by her caramel sofa, or the old school blinds he thought would filter the sun and give the room a somewhat sepia effect. Her room smelt like soul consuming incense, it had a scanty overlook -  there was no tiger - and her bed was impossibly neat.

She stopped in front of her dresser and he tried to reach out and touch her, she leaned away from reach so he let out a grunt underneath his breath - it struck him as terribly upsetting .


She stared too long. Fidgeted with her hair and her fingers. There was a way he made her feel.

She knew he followed her as she left the café and headed to her room. Her nervous legs managed to get her to her dresser. She could feel his presence, he was going to touch her when she moved. That was when she realized she had been holding her breath.

She turned to him then, watching his irritated expression change to shock as she unbuttoned her shift shirt dress.


This is what it means to be under a spell:

The shirt dress had ten buttons, two were already undone, no cleavage was showing but you could tell that her breasts were healthy, firm.

She unbuttoned the dress completely showing off skin as smooth as he imagined (he wondered what it would taste like).

He wasn't sure whether to touch her or not, she felt his reservation so she took off the dress completely, walking towards him gracefully and on her toes - in charge.

She spoke to him with her eyes and her movement, telling him to watch - it was show time.


She noticed his uneasy expression, but she knew he wouldn't refuse her. She stood before him, completely bare allowing him time to take the complete view in and watched him as his eyes travelled her body in reverence.
She went to him with a confidence that shocked even her. Right then she was a goddess and she was powerful. She touched him on the face and he flinched, she took his hands and led them to feel her breasts,  down her waist till they settled on her ass. That was when something in him snapped and he pulled her close and kissed her like he meant to devour her.
She couldn't breathe, not when his mouth was everywhere on her almost at once. She felt a tingle here and there and everywhere. The delicious pull in the pit of her stomach confirmed he was doing the right things. His fingers felt her there, she was so wet, blossoming for him.
He spread her on the bed and she opened up for him. It felt so good being joint to him like that. She wrapped her legs around his waist and took him deeper inside her. She moved against him slowly and delicately, as the pleasure built up, she wanted to feel everything, what it felt like to be with a man again.  He grunted then, it sounded like a plea and a promise at the same time.



He genuinely felt like he would explode with pleasure.

He wanted to hold - and lick - and suck - and flick gently with his thumb - and hit from behind - again and and again - and hug - and squeeze - and bow in the presence of - at the same time.

However, as it sometimes is in such moments of intense pent up - bursting at the seams - lust, he nutted after a few minutes (very few/too early) , convulsing slowly with pleasure as he crawled to and beyond the peaks of satisfaction.

The episode ended and he exhaled deeply letting himself go, on her - weak and defeated. Surrendering.


She perceived he wasn't this laid back and responsive with the other women he had been with. Control freak.

Since he was letting her have the floor, she intended on giving him a show.

She was so excited, she felt a few years younger again. It had been a long time since anyone wanted her this way.

She smiled childishly, bending in front of him, so he could have a good view of her ass and took his shaft in her mouth. She didn't take her eyes off him. Kissing, licking, sucking.

He closed his eyes


He had broken the gates of ecstasy.

Now, he floated on the surface of his own pleasure.

Magnificent :

His dick bobbed and weaved, weak and at the mercy of a desirous tongue, not totally defeated and open to rejuvenation.

She was making love to him and he swore to reward her -

She gave him head till he regained vigor -

She sent blood flowing through his veins again -

She stopped, he exhaled , she changed positions so she sat on him , her back to his face, reverse. 


She rode,

Like the mighty warrior princess she rode, valiantly and with definite purpose. 

He let her continue before switching things up.

She obliged, spreading her legs completely as she made her way towards the wall, she wanted to arch her back (the curse of eagerness) -

- he moved with his knees, sore with intent, his dick firm, swinging slowly as one burdened with the full weight of youthful lust, steady, leading the way -

She bent over, taking her eyes off him so she could see as she bent , barely settling one palm on the wall before he entered her, thrusting hard causing her to lose the little grip she had mustered -

- She lost her balance and smacked her head against the bed headrest awkwardly such that there she smacked her lower teeth on the wood in a way you would consider extremely unfortunate , shattering the middle teeth as the resistance from the table sent her head back up in a split second, breaking her head and piercing through the sudden ephemeral silence with a loud crack that put an end to even a Planck length of doubt that she was dead.

• •

It was terribly upsetting.

He screamed at her, shaking her violently demanding that she get up.

She didn't. She was dead and it was terribly upsetting.

He screamed from his bowels, a macabre sound like someone who had his arteries injected with damning confusion, he clenched his fists in the air and struck her on the chest, even more annoyed by the response, or the non response from the dead girl in front of him so he struck her again on her face, feeling her jaw crack as he made contact. He continued to hit her again and again until blood started to ooze from her mouth -

- His pupils dilated in shock, striking her face one more time before slumping on the bed, hands bloodied and in pain -

- It was terribly upsetting that she died


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

20. Facts.

So I waited till everyone was done with it before making my list.
Enjoy xx

1. I love hot steamy showers, even in terribly hot weather. It's something I still can't explain.
2. I'm a shy person so I'll be fidgeting with my hair or my hands when you talk to me.
3. I talk to God alot. He gets me the most. Next is Damola. Then Kachi. We have the most ridiculous conversations.                   
4. I love dogs. I currently have 3 and they have my heart. I want more. I want a Freddie and an Ann Marie.     
5. I don't wear makeup, sometimes I wish I did but I don't really just care     
6. I'm too emotional. I'm a huge believer in love.
7. I'm too paranoid for my own good. I worry too much about too many things
8. I like to see the best in people but I also see the worst. I don't even understand how that's possible but it happens             
9. I detach from people sometimes and withdraw to myself. Right now I talk to just a handful of people. It's the healthiest, people can be so ugly.
10. I've had just a few crushes, they were very shortlived. But I did the most hilarious things for their attention.
11. I'm blunt. I don't believe in going in circles. If you want something go for it, love someone let them know.
12. I love music. Mostly for their lyrics though. Ed sheeran, Florence + the machine for instance.
13. My family is most important.    
14. I'm not a colorful person, you'll mostly see me in black. It's my comfort zone
15. I believe in being independent. I work alot. Spent most of my time working. Getting myself ready for my dream job   
16. I hold onto things alot. Basically memories. I may come to love a particular song, drink, or thing because of a particular moment or person.
17. I try to help others anyway I can to get through their lives.
18. I write alot. Explains the blog.
19. Favourite hobby are movie nights with red wine and chocolate cake.
20. I am very boring, I don't know why people believe otherwise. But I can't even save myself from boredom so I surely can't save you as well.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lesson of the Day: Overanalyzing "Basic" is the Most Basic Move of all.

Because being basic means that you aren't dope, means you follow trends blindly and you're not an individual. But then the word "Basic" means class anxiety and the fear of being basic is just as basic.

Because girls hate when guys refer to them as "random" in the basic sense. Most girls see the need to point out that they are different from the everyday random chic.

They force personalities that are not theirs to prove that they are weird, unique and different without realizing how random they have made being weird become, or how concerned they are about what others think of them. This is the very definition of basic (Class Anxiety).

Be yourself, love what you love, enjoy what you enjoy and do not bother disturbing yourself with what others think. Be yourself, whether simple, basic, or weird and stop punishing yourself.

Monday, 3 November 2014

3, November 2014.

You were fading
Slowly dissolving into nothing

Sometimes love isn't what holds us together.
Its what destroys us, rips us apart from within.

You gained 10 pounds over the weekend
They say food helps with grief
Takes the grief away and replaces it with fat

It wasn't just the air of superiority they had that annoyed you
It was everything else as well
it was the scheming and dishonest stench they carried around

One lied about having a girlfriend
The other was a womanizer
Another you had to watch be happy with someone else
The last one, just stopped loving you

Each time, you really tried
To understand love
You committed, giving yourself completely

Now you could only describe love
as the vicious bloodthirsty predator
that left timeless blows you could not recover from.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28. October 2014.

Today, I'm writing the saddest lines
I loved you, and sometimes you loved me too
I loved you as certain dark things are to be loved
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
I loved you without knowing how, or when, or from where
I loved you straightforwardly,without complexities or pride,
because I knew no other way.
I do not love you except because I love you
because love is so short and forgetting is so long
that I am tempted to give back my heart to you
because love is short and memories are forever
they imprint your name deep in my bones
making loving you hard to stop.

Monday, 27 October 2014

27. October. 2014.

When she was young having everything and nothing ahead of her, she wasted her heart loving the wrong people, each one of them leaving, taking a piece of her.
She hoped she would forget love, like other disasters.There was a certain emptiness in living life without love. An emptiness that hurt, and on very lonely nights she prayed for someone who would take all the pain away.


Monday, 20 October 2014

What happens when the sparks forget to fly?

When boy meets girl, girl meets boy, sparks fly

Ceejay and I only started speaking after graduation, when he had travelled for his masters programme. We would spend long hours on the phone trying to talk about every other thing going on apart from the dirty talk we still too frequently had. That day I was over exaggerating the tale of my frustration with my little brother.

"Take a shot for me. a nice one with nothing on.", he cut in
"Lets reach a compromise, bra and shorts?"
"lol. Just Thongs?"
"Bra and strings. Last price"

He always liked my shots even when I didn't think they were too great. Taking shots was still new to me so I felt awkward and self conscious in front of the mirror or on my bed.

"Mahn. The way I'd fuck you when I see you. For hours. That's all I can say"

He always ended our conversations with promises.

He came back later that year to see me at lunch time. The air was tense and intoxicating. He looked better than he did in pictures and I felt almost ordinary beside him. I didn't expect it, but we ended up less than 10 minutes later in the back seat of his car, bodies intertwined, spent and short of breath. We didn't move just yet, savouring the moment.

Then he asked with that silly grin on his face. "Your heart fast, is it because of me?"

Not every time sparks fly, sometimes sparks forget to fly and there are no butterflies, and the fireworks are busy lightening the skies of another planet

I stood alone at the hour glass art gallery staring at Kofi Agorsor's latest work "Jazz Game" looking for meanings like I did with every painting. I felt jittery today, I told Alvin to meet me here. He was late or I was early, I had been standing for several minutes.

He was the finest thing I had seen in the recent months, maybe because he was a model, or not. I decided not to bother my mind over analysing things since my grandfather died.

He walked in then, a little too dressed in the vintage silk chiffon shirt he wore with ripped jeans. He had a gold chain around his neck, rings, a bracelet on. Too much accessories for a guy. The hug was awkward and brief.

He talked too much about himself rarely even giving me the chance to stick in responding compliments. Nothing was appealing anymore, the mouth I thought to be desirable I now found irritating, the eyes I thought to be appealing were too aloof with pride.

"there are some people that are better admired from a distance"

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

08 October 2014.

"You cannot act too interested"

Freddie's words rang in my head again.

I tried clearing the dreamy look in my eyes as I stared at him from across the table.

I believed in being straightforward about emotions, letting Sadiq know I liked him right since kindergarten. Telling him I still daydream of what it would feel like to have his full pink lips against mine.

But being straightforward only made a girl too easy and a bit too desperate.

And Freddie was more successful in the love business. So instead I married my feelings to myself and let silence and awkwardness engulf us.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

10 reasons why we failed at love.

1. I was voiceless because I didn't want all my crazy to send you away

2. Because you liked interesting people and I was a desert with no jokes

3. Being with you only made me feel lonely.

4. I let every feeling fall out of my mouth too carelessly

5. Because I'm a lover without a lover.

6. I made a home out of you and you didn't want to stay.

7. I was insecure, counting all your girl friends.

8. I deserted praying for stalking you on instagram.

9. I spent too much time thinking of reasons why we wouldn't work.

10. I was too needy to live without you.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

9, September 2014

Sometimes she let her mind deceive her

that yes, her body was something she could be generous with

not like her heart, no

not after him.

Busayo presented to her wretchedness to every man she met

her soul as loose as her legs

confused and open to young men

who didn't know her name

Still she held words beneath her tongue of

confessions the length of time itself

Sometimes she would think she threw the words out

but they remained at the back of her throat

She prayed

For the past

so that just maybe she would have told him

how she loved him and then how she unloved him

How he made love so small, as a fantasy

Even now

these words threaten to break each tooth in her mouth

to find him again.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Jason thought of Ada again. It was all he did these days. It was all he did since she left.

The contrast of her brown cocoa skin and her white teeth.

She barely smiled but when she did,

he felt her warmth flow through him

She was timid and reserved.

It was what interested him

She would say in her tiny voice,

"Females in my place are seen and not heard" and smile shyly.

She was his mystery,

going through life with a heavy heart and a closed mouth

She hardly said anything about where she came from,

but he knew she was the last daughter of her father's first wife

And he knew she was betrothed to marry a friend of her father's,

an old dog with a shrivelled penis.

It was what she got for being educated,

for spending so much of her father's money on an 'unnecessary' degree abroad.

He knew she spent most of her nights sobbing into her pillow when she thought he was asleep.

With Adanaya, it was hard to understand his feelings;

Overwhelming and Deep.

He had never seen anyone so vulnerable and exposed, so unprotected,

she had so much love in her heart to give,

loving so selflessly regardless of how her world hurt her.

He wanted to protect her, to give her her own life,

a life she never owned.

But then Christmas came along too fast

and here he was in lonely apartment

getting irritated over visual images of Adanaya's traditional marriage in the village.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27 August 2014

What if I said I give love so easily because I’m a little too eager?

Because I’m tired of being lonely for someone else,

Sick of having his absence written all over my skin

Or I told you my heart is too heavy for my body to carry?

So my weary feet drag on the ground

That I’m a better friend than I’ve ever been a lover?

His distance makes my heart weak

My mouth can barely speak

I’m disappearing and there’s just this loneliness consuming me

Tola stopped writing in her journal and pushed it under her pillow. She started her day with a regular feeling of exhaustion of living. It was becoming a tedious chore. She lay back on the bed and let her mind wander back to the leather seats of his car and his scent as she buried her face in his shirt while he held her.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


I finally got to compile a list. I hope nothing is missing.
  1. Ride a horse
  2. Ride something bigger than a horse (camel, elephant...)
  3. Plant a tree
  4. Go for cooking classes/go to culinary school
  5. Learn to play at least one musical instrument
  6. Learn to bake
  7. Learn to dance: Tango, Samba, waltz, belly dancing, etc. 
  8. Learn how to pole dance
  9. Learn how to do CPR
  10. Learn Spanish, French and German
  11. Take a bubble bath with someone I love
  12. Build a blanket fort with someone I love on a rainy day
  13. Kiss someone I love when the clock strikes 12 on New Years
  14. Fall in love & STAY in love
  15. Find true love
  16. Get married
  17. Have 3 children(2 boys, 1 girl)
  18. Become an aunt
  19. Become a godmother
  20. Kiss someone in the rain
  21. Have a picnic on the beach
  22. Learn how to defend myself in case of emergencies (self-defence classes)
  23. Learn to ride a bike
  24. Get my driver's license
  25. Learn to play golf, tennis, and volley ball
  26. Ride a golf cart
  27. Own my favourite cars (Ford mustang, Mercedes Benz G wagon)
  28. Own my own apartment
  29. Build my dream house/ houses
  30. Donate money to charities close to my heart
  31. Finish writing my novel
  32. Get my novel published
  33. Be a private stripper for a day
  34. Sing karaoke
  35. Ride on a speed boat
  36. Own a yacht
  37. Get an MBA
  38. Go for spoken word poetry and recite a poem I’ve written
  39. See my favourite artists perform live
  40. Own a foundation for taking kids off the streets
  41. Employ a shrink
  42. Write my biography
  44. Be on the cover of Italian Vogue
  45. Be a Victoria secret model
  46. Meet Warsan Shire.
  47. Visit at least 50 countries.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Number 2.

If you listen hard enough at night, you can hear the earth's magic dying

Cupid, one of the angels, staggered about the dark Lagos street corners

Holding her bleeding chest, desperately trying to breathe

She found her way to watch her favorite family after dinner time

It was her only option to heal

The Adebayos shed light of love and happiness that always brightened her soul

Bernard loved Vickie through and through

through the difficulty of having their kids and cancer

At this time they would cuddle up in pairs to watch T.V

She smiled hopefully as she got close to the brown house on Opebi street
Something was wrong.

Mr Adebayo was pulling his wife by her hair

Junior was crying holding unto his mother's wrapper

Chidinma held the other children in the corner

He reeked of hours of drinking at the beer parlor down the street

Cupid bled out on their fence.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Number 1.

Sometimes love is not enough...

Gabriel grabbed a handful of Bisi's tits and moaned. He had envisioned it for a long time now. Soft, ample oranges. He felt the himself harden in pleasure. He kissed her lips then, he tasted the pineapples they had just eaten together. Her body was accommodating, her smooth russet brown skin than felt like silk when he ran his fingers through, the way she opened up for him, the way she was hot, wet and ready for him. He slipped into her, closing his eyes. Each time he thrusted into her he was overcome by a new wave of pleasure. Soon they were both a mess of mingled sweating bodies. He didn't remember Awuli waiting for him in his shop, a few miles away or his promises of undying love. They were to get married, two weeks from now. He imagined his marriage with Awuli, she would be the perfect wife, pretty and obedient, never asking questions, an excellent cook. But Bisi had found her way under his skin and his marriage would be incomplete without late nights with Bisi...

Thursday, 31 July 2014

31. July. 2013.

If I were to write a long song it would be about love

About fire. In my chest, heating up my bones.

If I were to write a love song it would be about you

Brown eyes with so much promise that hold my feet glued to the ground .

If I were to write a love song it would be about euphoria

the air of childish carefreeness and the sound of laughter

If I were to write a love song it would be about lust

Heated passion, fiery romance and joint bodies.

If I were to write a love song it would be about sacrifice

selfless love and an endless length of excusing your intentions

If I were to write about love it would be about pain

Blinding pain that takes your breath away

If I were to write about love it would be about loneliness

One absence after another, that leaves you empty inside.

If I want to write a love song it would be about how you walked into my heart and walked out, taking everything with you.

Monday, 28 July 2014

28. July. 2014.


Words fail me as I write to you. Today I went to visit my husband at the nursing home again. I knew my faith, my constant belief in hope would destroy me. I took along with me a memory, something that gave my legs strength to go and visit him one last time. The nurses already told me not to come anymore, I see the pity in their eyes, they say that coming here isn't good for my health.

He stared blankly at the black and white picture.Tears threatened to flow down, heavy words stuck in my chest. It was the best day of our lives and he didn't remember.

How can one not remember his wedding day?

Why did I come? My heart, it begins to hurt all over again.

I remember meeting my husband like it was yesterday.

Someone once told me flowers are the earth’s way of laughing. I sought for undefined happiness. The one no one understood to take away from me. Like the simple joy from touching a hundred flowers and not pick one. Earth would have been my paradise. If it were not becoming as selfish as the humans living in it. I found myself walking down the street of the vegetable village market that day, and I felt the heaviness of his stare, I felt his eyes caress the back of my neck down my waist. My skin flushed and my insides tingled. I was too nervous to turn around, I felt I walked awkwardly. I walked into one of the shops and sat down ordering a Moringa tea, that was when I noticed him. His blue eyes were almost transparent so you could see his soul which shone brightly with careless excitement. He smiled at me then and I tried to avoid his eyes. That evening ended with my dark cocoa skin being loved by this white stranger. It was almost amazing how we could be so different and fit in so perfectly, his pink knuckles gently stroked my face as he looked into my brown eyes as he watched me orgasm. He gave me my first orgasm, it felt like rain, like I was the heavens and I had released a downpour of pleasure on myself. In that moment I was complete, I was alive, I could feel. No one ever made love to me like this, most of the men I knew would rather turn you round and fuck you like a dog.  I grew up believing men never cared so much about a woman’s feelings or her orgasms, only their satisfactions. Most of the friends I had faked orgasms, some didn’t even bother.  Kemi told me she was sure Tunde was deaf because all she did was make horrid harmony to any song that came to her mind then.  Salmat just cried, Niyi was always so violent, thrusting into her too hardly and pulling her hair.

You know that moment when you just know. Things may not always be perfect, things may end disastrously, tomorrow may be the end of it, but you just know that this person is the love of your life. That you know your heart will never be able to love any other person, that you will never be able to give yourself the way you will to this person. That you both share the same soul. This day was my moment. We got married weeks later and we had many other nights, and I had many other orgasms.

And then Alzheimer's happens, and we are strangers again. I am lying to you if I tell you I understand white men and their diseases. How can someone just forget, forget that he has a wife. He is not the same man, he is like a toddler who is learning everything afresh.
I want to come home. I am tired of living in his apartment that intoxicates me with his stench. I miss the hot Nigerian weather and the busy Lagos streets. I don't know how Mama would feel, I remember how she made it clear that she never wanted anything to do with me. Tell her I wouldn't mind having Apostle do the purification rites on me, this place is driving me mad. Maybe she was right and I am sorry for being the devil's child.

I just want to come home. I hope you are well, I am looking forward to seeing you.

Your sister, 

Saturday, 28 June 2014


Something about riding in a public bus in Lagos.
This isn’t fiction. Nigerians are this annoying.
The BRT bus. 7:17AM. 27/6/14.
It’s raining heavily as my family driver pulls into the parking lot opposite the BRT bus station. I run out of the car just to notice the first bus is full. However there are two other buses parked behind it. Somehow I’m lazy to bring out my umbrella and struggle to open it but there’s this young man with a big umbrella who comes to stand close to me. I smile in gratitude. The second bus drives forward and we both get in. I pay for my ticket and he pays for his. The bus is still empty so I go around searching for a comfortable seat. I only notice the young man is still following me when he points out seats for us. I shake my head and tell him I do not like those seats. Somehow I’m praying he would leave me alone and go and seat somewhere else.  So I finally get a seat I think I’m comfortable with and the young man who had been hovering all this time comes to seat beside me.
This is the problem I have with people. They share an experience with you and then they think it’s enough to make them familiar with you. One time a guy that sat beside me told me I looked familiar. I had never seen the man in my life. He laughed his stupidly shameless laugh and said he was joking. That he just wanted me to give away stuff about myself. That he just wanted to know me. I was too furious to reply. There was another guy who sat beside me once and the next time I saw him in front of me on the BRT line he paid for my BRT fare without even offering to do so. I insisted he take his money but he refused. Just to sit beside me and make small talk and then ask me for my twitter handle because he noticed my twitter was open on my phone. One guy kept asking me why I refused to give him any information about me. Like it was the most normal thing to do to listen to a stranger in the bus telling you he likes you, give him your name, address and phone number, maybe email too and tell him your life story. LOL.
So this guy asks me if today is Friday, I say yes. He talks about how bad the traffic will be for a while. I put my head down and put my earphones in so he gets I don’t want to be disturbed. He doesn’t get it. He keeps trying to get my attention. I hear him saying excuse me but I pretend not to notice. He goes quiet thank God. Then I’m going through the pictures on my phone and this guy taps me. He asks me to show him my pictures. I’m too horrified. I shake my head violently saying no almost repeatedly. I put my head down again till he got off the bus.