Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My freaky story

She was in need. Deep need. She felt the stinging tingling sensation in the insides of her womb. She wanted to stick something inside. Anything. It was this bad. Her fingers felt her body. It felt nice. She sighed. This was getting interesting. She felt her breasts, played with her nipples. Like she knew I was there. Her fingers lingered in the Vee of her legs. I couldn’t see clearly now. But the way her eyes rolled back. The way she moved. I knew what had happened. Then there was a girl and the was a boy. I liked the one with the girl tho. It looked more passionate. They kissed like they meant it. I liked seeing her moan when the girl sucked at her nipples. I watched their bodies intertwine in the most delicious way. The girl squeezed her breasts, she cupped the girl’s butt. They knew exactly what to do. The most intriguing part was watching the girl go down on her. She lay on the bed, having her legs up to her face. I watched the girl lick ice cream off her pussy. She liked it. She arched her back, eyes closed, releasing the most wonderful female sounds from her mouth. It got too intense all of a sudden. The girl sat on her and gave her the most sexy dance. I watched the girl’s waist move, grinding and whining. I knew when she came. She pressed forward and murmured words I couldn’t make no meanings of. The guy. He was watching all this while. His dick was hard and erect. I dint like his part cos he just squeezed her breasts while he fucked her hard. He was already too hard to make it nice. I dint believe it. There was nothing. No passion. Nothing. She just held onto him trying not to fall as she was brutally fucked. The girl’s own was better.