Wednesday, 19 November 2014

20. Facts.

So I waited till everyone was done with it before making my list.
Enjoy xx

1. I love hot steamy showers, even in terribly hot weather. It's something I still can't explain.
2. I'm a shy person so I'll be fidgeting with my hair or my hands when you talk to me.
3. I talk to God alot. He gets me the most. Next is Damola. Then Kachi. We have the most ridiculous conversations.                   
4. I love dogs. I currently have 3 and they have my heart. I want more. I want a Freddie and an Ann Marie.     
5. I don't wear makeup, sometimes I wish I did but I don't really just care     
6. I'm too emotional. I'm a huge believer in love.
7. I'm too paranoid for my own good. I worry too much about too many things
8. I like to see the best in people but I also see the worst. I don't even understand how that's possible but it happens             
9. I detach from people sometimes and withdraw to myself. Right now I talk to just a handful of people. It's the healthiest, people can be so ugly.
10. I've had just a few crushes, they were very shortlived. But I did the most hilarious things for their attention.
11. I'm blunt. I don't believe in going in circles. If you want something go for it, love someone let them know.
12. I love music. Mostly for their lyrics though. Ed sheeran, Florence + the machine for instance.
13. My family is most important.    
14. I'm not a colorful person, you'll mostly see me in black. It's my comfort zone
15. I believe in being independent. I work alot. Spent most of my time working. Getting myself ready for my dream job   
16. I hold onto things alot. Basically memories. I may come to love a particular song, drink, or thing because of a particular moment or person.
17. I try to help others anyway I can to get through their lives.
18. I write alot. Explains the blog.
19. Favourite hobby are movie nights with red wine and chocolate cake.
20. I am very boring, I don't know why people believe otherwise. But I can't even save myself from boredom so I surely can't save you as well.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lesson of the Day: Overanalyzing "Basic" is the Most Basic Move of all.

Because being basic means that you aren't dope, means you follow trends blindly and you're not an individual. But then the word "Basic" means class anxiety and the fear of being basic is just as basic.

Because girls hate when guys refer to them as "random" in the basic sense. Most girls see the need to point out that they are different from the everyday random chic.

They force personalities that are not theirs to prove that they are weird, unique and different without realizing how random they have made being weird become, or how concerned they are about what others think of them. This is the very definition of basic (Class Anxiety).

Be yourself, love what you love, enjoy what you enjoy and do not bother disturbing yourself with what others think. Be yourself, whether simple, basic, or weird and stop punishing yourself.

Monday, 3 November 2014

3, November 2014.

You were fading
Slowly dissolving into nothing

Sometimes love isn't what holds us together.
Its what destroys us, rips us apart from within.

You gained 10 pounds over the weekend
They say food helps with grief
Takes the grief away and replaces it with fat

It wasn't just the air of superiority they had that annoyed you
It was everything else as well
it was the scheming and dishonest stench they carried around

One lied about having a girlfriend
The other was a womanizer
Another you had to watch be happy with someone else
The last one, just stopped loving you

Each time, you really tried
To understand love
You committed, giving yourself completely

Now you could only describe love
as the vicious bloodthirsty predator
that left timeless blows you could not recover from.