Wednesday, 19 November 2014

20. Facts.

So I waited till everyone was done with it before making my list.
Enjoy xx

1. I love hot steamy showers, even in terribly hot weather. It's something I still can't explain.
2. I'm a shy person so I'll be fidgeting with my hair or my hands when you talk to me.
3. I talk to God alot. He gets me the most. Next is Damola. Then Kachi. We have the most ridiculous conversations.                   
4. I love dogs. I currently have 3 and they have my heart. I want more. I want a Freddie and an Ann Marie.     
5. I don't wear makeup, sometimes I wish I did but I don't really just care     
6. I'm too emotional. I'm a huge believer in love.
7. I'm too paranoid for my own good. I worry too much about too many things
8. I like to see the best in people but I also see the worst. I don't even understand how that's possible but it happens             
9. I detach from people sometimes and withdraw to myself. Right now I talk to just a handful of people. It's the healthiest, people can be so ugly.
10. I've had just a few crushes, they were very shortlived. But I did the most hilarious things for their attention.
11. I'm blunt. I don't believe in going in circles. If you want something go for it, love someone let them know.
12. I love music. Mostly for their lyrics though. Ed sheeran, Florence + the machine for instance.
13. My family is most important.    
14. I'm not a colorful person, you'll mostly see me in black. It's my comfort zone
15. I believe in being independent. I work alot. Spent most of my time working. Getting myself ready for my dream job   
16. I hold onto things alot. Basically memories. I may come to love a particular song, drink, or thing because of a particular moment or person.
17. I try to help others anyway I can to get through their lives.
18. I write alot. Explains the blog.
19. Favourite hobby are movie nights with red wine and chocolate cake.
20. I am very boring, I don't know why people believe otherwise. But I can't even save myself from boredom so I surely can't save you as well.

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