Thursday, 27 April 2017


Don't live a life dictated by the judgement of others. Don't choose a lesser life
Live a life that is yours. A life that seduces your lungs, dripping down your chin.
People do not need to understand the reason behind your decisions.

They do not need to know why you stay with him still even when he makes bits of you disappear, limb by limb
They don't need to tell you how bad he is for you like you don't already know. He doesn't love you the way you want him to.  You hurt most of the time. Sometimes you think he's with someone else.
 What they don't know is how alive you feel when he's deep inside you. Joint to him like that, you are full of love and warmth, ready to forgive everything. In that moment  you hold onto him desperately as you would do for your life and he makes you forget everything else. Nothing else matters then. Just you and him and that moment heavy with so much emotion.

So what if you prefer grey men? What if they love your skin better than younger guys who ransack you with rough hands? What if they are more attentive, more present?

So what if as a guy you prefer the rugged and firm body of another guy. He steals glances, you steal glances, even from afar, you intoxicate each other.

So what if you prefer staggering home each night from work than face your bickering wife? What if discovering the bottom of each bottle of beer offers the comfort you need after a difficult day?

They don't need to understand why you chose this life of sin. If they don't understand the pain you live with, they don't need to understand what you do to get by.