Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Not The Worst Advice

To my fellow females,

Beware of men
Beware of love more

Don't let the both of them confuse you.

Most girls have spent years wondering what went wrong
Spending nights awake and unsleeping
Trying to become a gifted person who reads minds
Just so they can understand what he was thinking
why he acted the way he did
what made him go away like that
leaving them, confused, alone. With a smaller spirit

When he touches you the first time.
Try not to be so naive or flinch noticeably
Because he is a wolf and they notice weakness
Act like you've had men roam through your skin all your life

Some might be gentle with you
Others are too blinded by their lust to care about your pain

If he is gentle
You may like it alot
It might become all you think about
Especially when he is gone
Don't freak out. You're human
A slave to your hormones and emotions

Sometimes love isn't about making already broken promises and holding hands
Sometimes he isn't the one who will break your heart
It will be you making promises you cannot keep
promising yourself to someone else, making yourself a home for another's heart
When you fail to tell him you're the wild wild west
The driest desert in which he cannot survive
An ever moving tornado
And when he is suffocating and he leaves
It wont be his fault but yours.

Other times he will be the one breaking your heart
Falling in love with someone else
Because he made himself god to classify someone as more of a woman than you are
More attractive, a better lover, a better human

On these days the vodka burning down your throat
Gulp after gulp
Might be your only form of relief
You live on these bottles till you have no more questions
Till life becomes as meaningless as your feelings

Go for more simpler men
The ones that are honest about their lust
The ones that make no promises
Their love is simple
Easier for you to understand

That kind of man
Will pin you against the wall with his hand under your shirt
And you will feel it - Love.