Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Silences. Part 1.

There are so many unsaid words between two people -

The most beautiful thing about falling in love with you was the process. How we transformed from being strangers to opening up and telling each other the most intimate things about ourselves. Everyday I saw you differently and fell in love with you more. I began to feel your absence when we didn't talk; for minutes, hours or days. I would go to our chats and fight the urge to text you. I felt you were different and I could trust you with myself. But. What if I was alone in this? I had just the last piece of myself to give. So one out of ten times, I won the battle over my heart and didn't text. And when you called, I swear you could hear it, behind the excitement in my voice, a subtle plea 'I'm falling in love with you'