Monday, 6 April 2015

Love letters

My love,

I beg Sam a lot before he agree to give his cousin my letter to give you. I give him the money from my shop from last month. He is telling me to let him touch me but I not agree. He still want me to give him my something but I tell him it is you I want. I is missing you a lot. I wear the chain you give me before you go everytime. I wear it even to sleep and bath. I am afraid something is happen to you. It been how many months since you leave here to go Lagos and you no call Tayo’s sister cousin number I give you. Everytime I go there and ask if you call, they say no. You no write too, and I know you write well, better than me. I still have the poem you write me first time we meet. I keep it under my pillow to sleep every night so I dream of you. I dream of the both of us together and it make me cry because you not here.    
    Amaka and the other girls is laughing at me a lot. They say you leave me for city girl but I tell them is not true, that our love is real. That you will come back to me soon. I know they just jealous of me. Because you fine and you are my own. When you come back, I laugh at them too. I hope you is eating well. I want to cook pounded yam and okro that you like and give Sam cousin but he say no. He don’t want me to send you food. I think about you a lot. I think about the night before you leave a lot. The way you touch me. I hold myself to sleep and imagine is you. I want you to touch me like that again. I think about it everytime, the thing that you do me with your tongue. I can never forget. I not telling anyone like you tell me to. And I drink the herb you give me so I not get pregnant. Even my parents not know. Njideka, the palmwine tapper's daughter is telling people you get her pregnant. That you is the father of her child. I go to her house and beat the liar. I almost kill her and her bastard child. She want to tie you now that she know you is a big man in lagos. She that she open her leg to every man here in the village and now she not know who get her pregnant. I is planning on coming to Lagos to see you. I work on Aunty Ifediora’s farm for small money and I is saving money from my shop too. By Christmas I is having enough money to come and be with you my love.
Your sweety Nnenna.