Sunday, 16 September 2012

Farewell Note

So this is my last post before I go back to school. I have never really appreciated those who read my blog here so I’m doing so now. Never really knew lots of people stop by here to read all that I put down. Trust me it feels nice. Though I know most of you come here for my stories *rolling eyes* But it is good your perverted minds think my stories are all that.
I'm here half interested in my Sunday breakfast which is soo weird. I always love Sundays for the large breakfast. Bread and sardine, oats, tea, fried eggs and sausages.  Nice yeah? I know I eat a lot.
Oh well both of my little brothers are off to boarding school and I realize my problem, or the problem most of us have…We always think we have the time *sigh* It was just the other day when I was going off to school too. A small skinny flat girl :D Now I’ve got one more year in the I look much different now? Lol I do not know.  What I know is that I miss that little girl though, the innocent care free girl with little or no complications. Life was way easier then. I fear I must have forgotten how it feels to be happy and free spirited. That don’t mean I'm sad now lol. Its just that that little girl didn’t have to worry so much about so many things even the ridiculous ones.
I always imagined life at this stage will be perfect or some thing close to it. Funny how that went so wrong. But the beautiful thing is that wrongness made me a stronger person. People never realize they contribute to making you the person that you are now, whether its horrid, cold, distant or happy friendly and warm. They only know how to complain of the outcome.
So I’m going to go to school tomorrow, face my project and things, mind my business and not care for people who dnt matter. Caring is a weakness, especially when the people you bother about have no importance to you. Its an extra burden u put on yourself. People would always have their opinion no matter how spotless you think your life is.
Take this as a farewell note or maybe just maybe I might surprise you all with more posts. I'm always best inspired in school. Call it boredom, call it whatever.