Thursday, 24 November 2011

So I wrote one of my "special" stories for Duke ♥♥

Life ws different witout Duke..I tried to arrange ma tousled hair…looking in the mirror..recently av bn spending a lot of tym in the bathroom cs I wannid to tnk I gues. I remembered wen he ws stil arnd..tns were much better. He ws mre than a companion..wrk ws mre funn..we’d tlk for hours in my office wen we had ntn to do..we’d make fun of the oda wrkers..have lunch tgeda during break..lots of tns..i dint knw I did miss him ds much. He ws transferred to d companys branch in Abuja…nd I ws stuck here in lagos..nd it sucked real bad..we stil tlkd buh then tns were so awkward dt we prolly dint have nytn to say to each oda atyms..we weren’t even goin out…I wndered if there ws anyone in his life nw tho he dint say nytn like that…I felt confused..i felt so alne. I sighed nd stared into d mirror once mre…I dint have to bother so much on wt I wre nymre cs d excitement I felt each mrning wen picking a dress to wear ws gne..twas funy I js realized hw deep my feelings were for him..i took of my lip stick frm ma purse and re-lined my lips..put it bck into my purse nd shut it then had a last look at my reflection in the mirror before going bck to the office.
Dave ws waiting for me ther..i shook my head in pity..he js didn’t get it..did he..he had bn tryn so hard snc duke left to impress me..he made awful efforts to catch my interest..his dry jokes were so awful I cudnt even pretend to laff nemre. I looked at him nw…he wsnt bad looking..he had good breath..he dressed nice..mst ladies wud love to go out with him buh I dint..i wannid my duke. He ws tlking..saying smtn to me nw..”I ws tnking if we cud have lunch tgeda in the restaurant downstairs” he ws saying…I ws about to give him sm excuse y I wudnt make it wen I hrd duke’s voice…no it cudnt be! I wsnt that obsessed to b hearing his voice in my head..noo. but twas him. he wlkd into my office nd immediately I jumped off my chair so it fell bck making sm disturbing noise…twas like I didn’t hear it..i dint move..i dint blink..i js stood there staring at him lyk id seen sme ghost..
He smiled..dt his smile..”ts like u dint miss me.” He sed.”ur js standing ther..rnt u hapy to see yhr old buddy nymre?” I practically flew into his arms..Dave ws forgotten as I held Duke close. I smelt his hadn’t changed..he looked bigger tho..being in his arms, I felt them swallow me..i felt smtn warm flow thru me…lyk ds ws wher I belonged..wher I wannid to be..i duno hw lng we stayed lyk dt..i felt him move b4 I stepped bck..”u look lyk uv bn doin well 4 urself” I sed, eyeing him frm head to toe. “am d very same…” he laffd. i ws mesmerized…I stared at him..assessing err little detail. The wrds “wt r yhu doin here” suddenly escaped frm ma mouth..”u act lyk u dnt wna see me” he sed jokingly. “am here for a month to supervise d new project frm this ama be here for a while” I gave him a glowing smile…”finally!!” he chuckled “that wsnt so hard u knw. He looked at his watch then at d door…”av gtta go nw..there tns av gtta do..ill check on yhu later”. My poor heart ws beating at alarming I walked back to my table..Dave ws stil ther watching me as I held my chest in disbelief ov wt had js hpnd.
I didn’t see duke again. I gues he ws busy I thought as I left for hme. I had his face, his smile stuck in my head nw. I took off my clothes nd lay on d bed lazy to do anytn bt fantasize bout my Duke. I duno hw lng I ws on my bed buh I ws brought bck to reality by the bell.  Lazy to put on clothes I took my dressing robe to cover my delicate under clothes nd went to see who ws at d door. I almst forgot to breathe wen I saw twas duke standing there at my doorstep. “I heard u had gne wen I ws dne wit d meeting so I came to check on u” I kept staring at him..”r u okay” he askd concerned bout my odd behavior. I stepped back to allow him in. immediately he entered…he took my mouth with his..kissing me softly..then desperately. “I missed u kuku…God! U dnt knw hw lng av waited for this”..i didn’t believe ds ws hpning to me..lyk twas a dream or tn I knew..i didn’t wnt to wake up frm ds..never. he ws saying smtn..”…do u knw hw hard I wrked on ds project..hw I manipulated errtn to see yhr face again”…he bit my lips gently. “do u knw hw angry I ws to cm nd see dt dave guy in ur office..i knew hw much dt bastard tried to getchu even wen I ws arnd” he fondled with my hair, kissing my throat lovingly. “do u knw hw many tyms I stayed up at nite tnking of u..wt u were doin..hw u were..” he swallowed hard. “I cudnt bear to be away frm u..i had to cme see u..i cudnt bear d tot of u being wit anoda..” he stared into my eyes. I cud see love nd pain in his. God! I loved him to death. He continued..” my life didn’t seem ryy witout u in it…I kept staring at yhr pictures wen am bored…I called yhr fne even wen I had ntn to say..u duno wt u do to me kuku..hw u drive me crazy” the robe feel of my shoulders..i felt him suck in breath..”tday is my lucky day” he concluded smiling. “I miss yhu” ws  al dt came frm ma mouth..he smiled understanding…wrds were nt enuf to describe all I felt inside..the simple wrds I spke  covered all I felt. I held him close to me..never wnting to let go.he scooped me up in his arms nd carried ,e to the bed room..”I always wannid our first time to be special..nd its goin to be..ill try my best to please u” he grinned widely. I nodded like a dummy.
He took off the remainder of my clothing in the most pleasurable way..caressing me as he did it. I stpped him tho. I wannid to shw him wt had bn on my mind for the past few mnths..i stood up…stil looking him I d eye…I took of my panties in a snake like manner nd advanced towards him wit purpose..”ur clothes r stil on” I sed cooingly. I reached out nd tugged at his shirt…I undid d buttons so fast I felt myself trembling with need as he ws kissing my pussy then..i felt err twirl of his they sent shivers thru my spine..his shirt ws off..i held to him for my dear life..i ws falling apart..his tongue wrked magic on me…I ws in sme wonderland..a heaven we bth created for ourselves..”duukee” I moaned. I ran my fingers thru his hair. I felt my self come shamelessly.i pushed him dwn on the bed…”my turn..i  sed smiling wickedly. I flipped my hair back nd kissed him tenderly on the mouth..i let my hands feel d hardness of his arms..i caressed him err way I knew hw to. I dint have much experience buh I loved him err way I cud…I took of his pants impatiently nd his boxers too..he ws hard nd erect..(hehe..see wt I do to u duke)
My hand felt his hardness…they travelled d length of his dick…I imagined hw twud feel if he were inside me…I smiled. I kissed d tip of his penis lovingly before sucking it…I took d whole of him in my mouth..his muffled groan showed me he liked wt I did. I grew bolder nd sucked harder till I felt him come in my mouth. He pulled me up roughly put me dwn on the bed nd entered me…I felt the heat..i felt him..big nd hard occupy err part of me.. I position my hips before I started to move..he followed riding me so hard..i cud feel d intense passion, the heated fervour, the glorified ardour, the delightful excitement. He grabbed my breasts nd fondled them roughly, kissing me hard on the mouth as he did so. I felt my orgasm coming..the waves of pleasure consumed me over and over again till I ws wasted. I felt him cme too..thick inside me..i felt fragile, womanly, sexy. We lay tgeda exhausted..stil joined for a while…wit his arms arnd me..i wannid us to be like ds forever. He moved nd kissed me tenderly on the mouth…”..this ws as wonderful as I had imagined it to be…even better” he sed. “u’d get tired of me nw…I wannid to be sur nd ds..ds has convinced me..i wnt to be wit have ds kind crazy sex wit yhu..i wna be by yhrside err have u in my arms like nt goin anywhere..u’d have to kill me if u wnt to get rid of me cs am gna stick to u lyk glue” tears rolled dwn my checks as he sed these wrds..i felt fulfilled, happy nd complete. (fyi  I stil tnk yhr story is beta dan mine…am jealous…il go cry smwher..buh I hpe u lykd it tho..i wannid smtn quite realistic..snc we bth tlk bout wrking ds hols nd snc u r away..ds came to me..nd js so u knw..av really misd u)