Wednesday, 27 August 2014

27 August 2014

What if I said I give love so easily because I’m a little too eager?

Because I’m tired of being lonely for someone else,

Sick of having his absence written all over my skin

Or I told you my heart is too heavy for my body to carry?

So my weary feet drag on the ground

That I’m a better friend than I’ve ever been a lover?

His distance makes my heart weak

My mouth can barely speak

I’m disappearing and there’s just this loneliness consuming me

Tola stopped writing in her journal and pushed it under her pillow. She started her day with a regular feeling of exhaustion of living. It was becoming a tedious chore. She lay back on the bed and let her mind wander back to the leather seats of his car and his scent as she buried her face in his shirt while he held her.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


I finally got to compile a list. I hope nothing is missing.
  1. Ride a horse
  2. Ride something bigger than a horse (camel, elephant...)
  3. Plant a tree
  4. Go for cooking classes/go to culinary school
  5. Learn to play at least one musical instrument
  6. Learn to bake
  7. Learn to dance: Tango, Samba, waltz, belly dancing, etc. 
  8. Learn how to pole dance
  9. Learn how to do CPR
  10. Learn Spanish, French and German
  11. Take a bubble bath with someone I love
  12. Build a blanket fort with someone I love on a rainy day
  13. Kiss someone I love when the clock strikes 12 on New Years
  14. Fall in love & STAY in love
  15. Find true love
  16. Get married
  17. Have 3 children(2 boys, 1 girl)
  18. Become an aunt
  19. Become a godmother
  20. Kiss someone in the rain
  21. Have a picnic on the beach
  22. Learn how to defend myself in case of emergencies (self-defence classes)
  23. Learn to ride a bike
  24. Get my driver's license
  25. Learn to play golf, tennis, and volley ball
  26. Ride a golf cart
  27. Own my favourite cars (Ford mustang, Mercedes Benz G wagon)
  28. Own my own apartment
  29. Build my dream house/ houses
  30. Donate money to charities close to my heart
  31. Finish writing my novel
  32. Get my novel published
  33. Be a private stripper for a day
  34. Sing karaoke
  35. Ride on a speed boat
  36. Own a yacht
  37. Get an MBA
  38. Go for spoken word poetry and recite a poem I’ve written
  39. See my favourite artists perform live
  40. Own a foundation for taking kids off the streets
  41. Employ a shrink
  42. Write my biography
  44. Be on the cover of Italian Vogue
  45. Be a Victoria secret model
  46. Meet Warsan Shire.
  47. Visit at least 50 countries.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Number 2.

If you listen hard enough at night, you can hear the earth's magic dying

Cupid, one of the angels, staggered about the dark Lagos street corners

Holding her bleeding chest, desperately trying to breathe

She found her way to watch her favorite family after dinner time

It was her only option to heal

The Adebayos shed light of love and happiness that always brightened her soul

Bernard loved Vickie through and through

through the difficulty of having their kids and cancer

At this time they would cuddle up in pairs to watch T.V

She smiled hopefully as she got close to the brown house on Opebi street
Something was wrong.

Mr Adebayo was pulling his wife by her hair

Junior was crying holding unto his mother's wrapper

Chidinma held the other children in the corner

He reeked of hours of drinking at the beer parlor down the street

Cupid bled out on their fence.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Number 1.

Sometimes love is not enough...

Gabriel grabbed a handful of Bisi's tits and moaned. He had envisioned it for a long time now. Soft, ample oranges. He felt the himself harden in pleasure. He kissed her lips then, he tasted the pineapples they had just eaten together. Her body was accommodating, her smooth russet brown skin than felt like silk when he ran his fingers through, the way she opened up for him, the way she was hot, wet and ready for him. He slipped into her, closing his eyes. Each time he thrusted into her he was overcome by a new wave of pleasure. Soon they were both a mess of mingled sweating bodies. He didn't remember Awuli waiting for him in his shop, a few miles away or his promises of undying love. They were to get married, two weeks from now. He imagined his marriage with Awuli, she would be the perfect wife, pretty and obedient, never asking questions, an excellent cook. But Bisi had found her way under his skin and his marriage would be incomplete without late nights with Bisi...