Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Number 2.

If you listen hard enough at night, you can hear the earth's magic dying

Cupid, one of the angels, staggered about the dark Lagos street corners

Holding her bleeding chest, desperately trying to breathe

She found her way to watch her favorite family after dinner time

It was her only option to heal

The Adebayos shed light of love and happiness that always brightened her soul

Bernard loved Vickie through and through

through the difficulty of having their kids and cancer

At this time they would cuddle up in pairs to watch T.V

She smiled hopefully as she got close to the brown house on Opebi street
Something was wrong.

Mr Adebayo was pulling his wife by her hair

Junior was crying holding unto his mother's wrapper

Chidinma held the other children in the corner

He reeked of hours of drinking at the beer parlor down the street

Cupid bled out on their fence.

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