Monday, 3 November 2014

3, November 2014.

You were fading
Slowly dissolving into nothing

Sometimes love isn't what holds us together.
Its what destroys us, rips us apart from within.

You gained 10 pounds over the weekend
They say food helps with grief
Takes the grief away and replaces it with fat

It wasn't just the air of superiority they had that annoyed you
It was everything else as well
it was the scheming and dishonest stench they carried around

One lied about having a girlfriend
The other was a womanizer
Another you had to watch be happy with someone else
The last one, just stopped loving you

Each time, you really tried
To understand love
You committed, giving yourself completely

Now you could only describe love
as the vicious bloodthirsty predator
that left timeless blows you could not recover from.

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