Friday, 5 December 2014

Not everytime front, sometimes love fiercely.

Lesson of the day: Say what you want, how you want to say it, love who you love, the way your heart wants to and the one that will stay will come.

Because you were the moon and I was the endless gloomy sky. 
Our love was different, beautiful, dark and extraordinary, brave regardless of time and it's inevitable doom. 
So I liked to believe.                  
I had the deep terrible lingering fear of uncertainty. Of myself. The way I loved you fiercely the same overwhelming way the universe swallows our world.
I wondered if we shared the same secret, if you feared losing me too.  If at anytime I wandered away, your heart would feel my absence.   
Or whether the laws of love applied to us. Laws that dictated who to love, how to show love and how much love to give.
  I laid myself bare before you, feelings engraved on my skin, oozing intoxicatingly from my being. I loved you the way my heart knew.     
Was that what sent you away?  Or did you just yearn for brighter skies?

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