Thursday, 22 March 2012

What happens when we dont wait

I was bored
Sick of the world
So bored I could eat myself.
I was tired of waiting and hoping
For the fantasy prince of my dreams
So I gave my heart to a lad with butterfingers
So I shouldn’t have been surprised when he let it slip from his fingers
And to the floor into a thousand pieces
For what we had was almost love I believed
He was sorta kinda right and sorta kinda wrong
So I stuck to his short lived compliments
Of “sweet empty nothings”
And when everything took that wrong turn
The agony was priceless
I swallowed up my cries at night so no one would hear
I buried my head in my pillow to hide the tears.
For I brought this upon myself
And I was gutless so I wouldn’t leave
I hoped for someone to notice
I was quiet but screaming inside
“Cant anyone see I’m hurting!”
My misery ended
With that black and white revelation I remember
A mucky figure
Running blindly and half hazardly with fear
From an image in form of a ghost
It took a while for me to realize
That that message was for me
So I took to my heels and ran.

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