Friday, 6 September 2013

6, September, 2013.

Happiness dwells somewhere. You just have to know where your own happiness lies. Like Pastor James who found his under the skirts of the lead singer of the church choir. It took him a while to find it though. He tried so desperately to find the "Joy of the Lord". He tried his best to act right according to the ways of the Lord and ignore all urges to privately minister to some of the females in the church. He tried to hear from the Lord. He would fast for weeks. He would sleep in church sometimes waiting to hear the voice of the Lord in the darkness like Samuel in the Bible. His life was without purpose and full of emptiness. Now he finds happiness thrusting repeatedly inside Cynthia. She knew how he liked it. Her black and white choir uniform was extra fitted to show her curves. And she knew how to move to entice him. The way she went down while dancing in church made him stare abit longer ignoring his wife of twenty two years beside him. Now  he's happy and eager to be in God's presence everyday. Cynthia comes too. And their long meetings have given his empty life the purpose it needs. He rarely feels guilty anymore. Sometimes he says a word of prayer before they begin. God is a forgiving. This is his favorite sermon every Sunday.
Or Papa Biodun, who has been jobless for three years now. Mama Bolu's work as a cook for the Jones could barely provide for their three children and now she was pregnant again for the fourth child. Another child they had brought into the world to suffer. Guilt and misery filled him up inside. Till he found his happiness in beer.At least it made him forget his problems for a while. Sometimes he would be too drunk to make it home. Mama Bolu would cry herself to sleep each night. But he was happy. He ignored the looks people gave or their loud gossip. He didn't care. He was happy.
Tunde had failed jamb three times now. Sometimes he wondered why his parents bothered paying for it. He found his happiness in cocaine. It was his escape after the horrible end to his parents marriage. His father was an unfaithful bastard. His mother was too busy with work to care about him. They were both rich. he was their only child. Till now they haven't discovered his new addiction. They are never around.
Sylvia finds happiness with men. Since she got raped at 13. She couldn't deal with the pain and the shame. She never forgot her grief. Her scars found their own way to heal. She is still healing, just in the beds of different men. Sex is her form of release. She is a big girl and lives the big life. She has got governors, ministers and oil company contractors as lovers. She wears designer clothes and drives big cars. She looks in the mirror and she is finally happy with what she sees.
Audu dropped out of school. His mother has tried on countless occassions to get him to return to school but to no avail. He finds his happiness in music. He is going to be a rapper. His happiness doesn't care if he makes money or not. His CDs never sell but his happiness is still complete everytime he goes to the studio to record.
The world is dark. But find that light. Find that happiness and let it consume you. Let it be your comfort in this dark cold world.

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