Tuesday, 3 September 2013

3, September 2013.

I felt my stomach turn in disgust. I needed to throw up. I was very afraid but I moved faster, dressing up more quickly even with shaking hands. I needed to be there for Aisha somehow. I needed to be strong for her. Funny how all I had done those past few weeks was to bitch about how Life wasn't good to me lately. But with what was going on with Aisha, I discovered I had alot to be thankful for.
Aisha had lost both of her parents now. Her dad died a year ago. Her mom on Saturday. The girl was beyond helpless as an only child.The death of her parents unfortunately was not her only problem but the satanic greed of her relatives from the both of her parents. They had moved into the house, and got busy with squabbling and fighting for the documents to the properties of her parents. They made her a prisoner in her own house and refused to feed her. Her mother's body was still in the hospital and had not been moved to the mortuary...
The selfishness of some of us many never be understood. I couldn't bring myself to write extensively on this due to the fragility of my efforts to keep myself from breaking down emotionally. This is a true story. A girl was ripped away from all she had, all her parents left her. Maybe we should begin to value the things that seem little. Life, health, loved ones. Be grateful. We complain about the things we don't have when we've got so much. So much to be grateful to God for.

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