Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The best presents.

...I finally let out that first moan, throwing my head back, letting go. I grabbed the sheets struggling to at least maintain my balance and not fall off the edge of the bed where I was now. My lips were hurting, I probably bit it too hard. he was still there. I could feel it. It was probably all I felt. The pleasure. The pleasure sang and I felt my body whine in response. His tongue, stoking my clit did that to me. My ragged breaths were not enough. I was a woman on heat and this was my release. I felt myself release the built up sexual tension. This was the best orgasm I had experienced in my twenty years of existence. I was moist and still wanting more. His tongue left the feminine vee of my legs to torture the other parts of my body. I held him close, murmuring senseless words and  his mouth now suckled on my right nipple. We had been like this for two days now. We had been everywhere in the house like this. The kitchen, the swimming pool, the sitting room, on the washing machine in the laundry room. This was probably the only time we used the bed. His tongue trailed downwards again. I felt my body tremble, the pleasurable shivers that shot through my body. He lay me down on the bed. Face down I was, while he massaged my neck, back and behind with oil, kissing every part with his mouth as he went along.This was my graduation present. The apartment, the sex, the food and I loved every bit of it. Today was our last day alone and we were trying to do things right. Do it on a bed. I felt his hands shaking as he massaged my bum again. He was obviously fighting hard to control himself. He pulled me up to him as his lips claimed mine. His tongue teasing mine, his lips warm and soft. I let my fingers run down his face, trace his muscular arms, his middle, pulling him closer to me. I felt his control snap. I smiled at him with heavy eyes. My turn. I pushed him back to the bed. I saw his astonished face as I led him inside of me slowly. I wanted to do this my way, let him know he had taught me well. Let him feel the pleasure I could give. So I sat on top of him, moving at my own slow pace, grinding and whining with him inside of me, sending ripples down my spine. He leaned up and pushed himself deeper inside of me. I felt him occupy all of me in the sweetest way. We moved to our rhythm, the one we both magically understood till we rode to the heights of heaven together, finding pleasures and extremes we never knew existed. I screamed your name when I came. I felt you there too. You grabbed my hair and I heard your loud grunt. Then we fell back exhausted on the sheets.....

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