Friday, 16 August 2013

Something amazing about a girl.

...She had one of the most amazing bodies I had ever seen. I was attracted to her body twice as much as I was to her mind. Her breasts were the kind that you'd want to do a thousand things to. Now here she was. In that new underwear looking hot as hell. She was shy, just like her heart. She wanted to hide. I could tell. The way she stood. I walked up to her. And claimed her mouth with mine. Hers was warm and soft. My tongue teased hers till I felt her body relax. Her kiss became more inviting. My hands were restless. Everywhere. The small of her waist. Pushing her body closer still. My hands squeezing her soft round butt. I felt her whimper. Good. Good. I unhooked her bra and took the first nipple in my mouth. She moaned out loud in pleasure.....I just wanted to show her how much I loved her. How much pleasure I could give and more. I'd do anything to please this girl. I took the second nipple in my mouth. Kissing it lovingly with my tongue. Sucking it. Then biting it so she gasped in shock. I took her to the bed. Leading her by the hand. I lay her down and took her panties off. I let my tongue journey up and down her clit. Sliding all the way. I heard her mummur things I couldn't make sense of. I wanted to touch her everywhere. Make love to every part of her body. I kissed her female tightness. Frenching it with her tongue. I could feel her thicken up. I tasted every bit of her till she came. Making the most delightful female noises I had ever heard.

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