Monday, 12 August 2013

Soldiers of Fortune 2 - The bad President.

We ate dinner in silence as we always did. Only the disturbing noises of our plates and spoons could be heard. I had gotten used to this. I had absolutely nothing to say to my parents after that day. After I saw papa and the other soldiers rape that girl. I felt her pain as they took turns brutally defiling a girl I was sure was barely thirteen. I could still hear the girl scream and beg in my head. I see her blood in my dreams every night. That I fear to close my eyes to sleep. I remember Papa laughing and slapping her hard on the mouth when she cried begging and trying to protect herself with her feeble hands. Worse, I remember running home to Mama telling her to hurry with me to save the girl. I remember how she looked away and told me to go to my room. She already knew. She came to my room that night and with soft words, tried to make excuses for papa. She said Papa was a  good man but the bad president made Papa do bad things. I knew the president didn't make Papa and those men rape that girl. Mama was weak. I could see it in her eyes. Days later at school Papa and soldier men came. They searched everywhere and threw out Mrs Thompson from her class. Papa was the one that fired the gum. Fired the gun into Mrs Thompson's head. After that day, I had no more friends. The teachers wouldn't even acknowledge me when I greeted them. My father was a bad man. He killed people for the president. I was the daughter of a bad man. I hated him. Papa came home late often. Papa came home drunk often. Papa hit mama often. Tonight was one of the nights he hit her. Her face was visibly swollen even under the dim lights in the room. She winced each time she moved quickly. I didn't even pity her. I was filled with so much hate and the food tasted vile in my mouth. I hated Papa. I hated Mama. I hated the bad President.

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