Sunday, 4 August 2013

"I love you Tife soloye"

Her eyes held a familiar pain. One I knew too well to turn away. I was mezmerized to find a story so like mine. I stared deeper. The colors in her eyes told her story. One filled with love, one filled with hurt, one filled with pain. But then I saw her smile. Something I never did. A bright smile from the heart. Life could be beautiful the smile said. It moved me. I walked toward her with purpose. Everything drew me to her. The light I saw in her was enough to send away my darkness.  She reached out till I was able to hold her hand. Then I knew I'd never have to be alone again. She squeezed my small fingers softly. I had found a new strength. I smiled back at her and finally spoke, "I love you Tife Soloye".

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