Sunday, 18 August 2013

Midnight rantings.

I have no strength to gather my thoughts together
So have them as they are
Untamed and flying around.....

Too much of you around to remind me of how bad you hurt me
I let you mess with my head
For a little longer
Telling myself I was still safe somehow
That I hadn't let you get to me, get to me much
There's no excuse for being full of excuses
I just needed you to stick around just a little longer
I let me forget myself, a little too much
And I let your scent lead me to nowhere
Now I'm lost and I need to remember
Who I am
How I got to this place
You hold my hand but I see you on the other side
On the other side of the water with that other girl
I remember how I always felt cold
I was cold because you were busy keeping her warm
Now I'm drowning in my regrets
My thoughts are eating me
As there are no remedies for memories.
And nights like this
Sleep has refused to know me
She would rather sit and watch me with mocking eyes
Watch me bleed for love.
I'm safest by myself
But I fear my empty bed and the long nights
Now I don't care if you love me
Or you think you do
I'm going to wander off
Chasing my own scent this time
And let Life happen for me
Find myself and my rebellion
I'm tired of singing your song
I can still feel you touching me
Your cold hands like death
Begging me to return
Telling me you own me
But baby this is where our story ends
I will let my heart soar
High enough
And the one I never thought will come
The one that would give me the world
The one that will make me his everything
Will come.

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