Tuesday, 20 August 2013

20, August 2013.

The night was alot of things. Wild. Dirty. Naughty. Dark. She made her way through the crowd and the stench of whatever evil that filled the air. Her friends sat in a corner, one up, dancing loosely catching the attention of the stranger at the other end of the room. They were all drunk. All of them but her. Something about the night didn't call to her. She needed her sanity to locate him She was almost sad already that he wasn't with her. She was horny all through the drive here, thinking of the bad things he would do to her. She was so ready to be defiled, so ready it  hurt. She was frustrated now searching for him. Everyone else had given into the intoxicating air of hormones, alcohol and weed. Their bodies humping each other lustfully to the music. She sighed hopefully. She was nearly devastated with her dead phone. She knew the night was going to waste away. Deep down inside she knew. Just like everyone there. She came here for him. She wanted to leave. She looked at her friends. Some guy almost had his dick in one's mouth, apparently the others found it hilarious. One was silently making out with a face she did not recognize. Her friends were not ready to leave just yet obviously. She decided to move around. Maybe find someone hot to dance with, someone to comfort her and make her forget her current frustration. She didn't have to move too far. She saw him. With her. They found a comfortable spot. Shamelessly satisfying their heat. Kissing her like his tongue was in her throat. His hands squeezing every part of her in the most disrespectful way. She snorted in disgust and left. Everywhere seemed to hurt all of a sudden. She finally got outside. She let her tears fall freely now as the evening breeze caressed her skin.

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