Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday, 18 August.

Take a deep breath
Let the waves of calm wash over you
Feel your nerves relax
What you fear does not exist
It is we who create the monsters that torment us
In our minds, in our minds
Some of us die without living.
Look at life
Like a painting
See how beautiful it looks all wrong and rough
Smile at every little thing
Find happiness even in silliest of things
You need the laughter
You need to laugh at Life.
Do not let life overcome you
With sorrow, sadness or hurt.
Find love in the purest of places
Love yourself, love living.
You may not be perfect
But know the beauty in imperfection
You are beautiful darling, in one too many ways
You feel out of place because you see things different
They call you werid, crazy misfit
They are just words
You're most beautiful in your madness
Its raining now outside
But you can overcome
If only you can rise above it all
Their burdening gossip and the heaviness of the rain
If only you can laugh through it all
Then and only then
You have truely lived.

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