Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Knowing Need.

I wore my loneliness on my face. I carried my grief as a stench wherever I went. I knew need like a man with a thing in between his legs. I wanted my sexy neighbor Samantha, her husband and her fast maturing daughter alike. I knew what it meant to be in need. I was like parched earth needing rain. I was always so thirsty. So I had them. All kinds of men. Even then it was never enough. Like filling a woven basket with water. Each man left me emptier than before. It left a longing I did not understand. My thirst was becoming unbearable. I was beginning to look as haggard as my feelings. One day I heard the maid tell the cook in a hushed voice. "Small madam no fit sabi how to take am easy. All this exercise go soon break her waist. She fit do pass them ashewo sef". I cried my promiscuous ways out on my pillow that night. Swearing to myself.."Never again. Never again." But here I am, shamelessly naked on my distraught bed with Ikenna who was snoring away like a pig. He was no man. The three rounds we just did barely satisfied my appetite....

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