Wednesday, 8 May 2013


God can be funny. He grants us good times, memories to laugh about. These happy moments that bring smiles and laughter. Birth, birthdays, graduation, love, weddings and the like. Yes God can be funny, he just shows it in different ways, sometimes in odd ways to some people. But no one thinks God is funny in times of war, or when someone dear is snatched by death. No one laughs at God when you see the one you love walking hand in hand with someone else while you are alone holding onto your mistake. God understands how our emotions make us weak beings. Like Samson when he let Delilah lead him to his grave, or David when he killed Bathsheba's husband just because he wanted the wife of another man or Solomon when he turned away from his God to follow the idols of his many women. Man is an emotional being, passionate to love. Love drives us mad. Love makes us kill. Love makes us sin. Yes, God understands love more than we ever will. He let his only son die for people that didn't even care. We know how miserable we get when we make sacrifices for someone who hardly cares. People say caring is reciprocal. That it is compulsory to care back if someone cares for you. Girl, this is why you always get your heart broken. You let those animals trample over your already wounded heart. Truth is no one is tired of loving. We all want a happy ending with someone. So you bleed more when these people walk in and out of your life. Life is a journey. Life is this road. I cannot tell you how many souls have been swallowed on these same streets you now walk upon. Their ghosts still linger somewhere in the dark, searching for purpose, searching for love. Would you become a night harlot too? Would you give in to loving the emptiness in his eyes? Would you let him slam into you repeatedly with the violence that comes with the anger that he settles for you? Are you ready to hide the tears of regret? Hell, we are still trying to understand who we are and what we have become just the same way I am still trying to understand what I've just written.

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