Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I have missed you 

Yes I have missed you. My happy place. People never understand me as well as you do. I finally found my modem so I’m back! It was so depressing I couldn’t be here…yeah really. Now I’m listening to “Mr. Wrong” and I’m thinking of how wrong my life’s gone. I’m wondering how best to clear my mess. How to be strong. How to survive the last year in that hell hole. How to go through each day with a smile plastered on my face. How to live once more without caring for anything in the world. How to hide my weakness. How to avoid having senseless teenagers get to me. How to see life as maximizing pleasure…my pleasure. I have finally realized I was worth way more than I settled for this past semester. I'm glad its over. I dread going back to school. Really, I hate that place. I made new enemies as well as new friends. I learnt new things about life in general. I learnt of how slimy people can be. I also learnt of what it was like to feel, to feel for someone. I am not going to spend my time on hate words, I want to be over that. So this is the era of a new me. As I have torn myself away from the art of feeling, killed all the emotional cells in my body. I was one of those helpless romantics, having extreme feelings about everything. Now that that’s over, I can move on. I'm still in my nineteenth year and I'm still expecting the best from God. So this holidays, I'm concentrating on me.
My Agenda for this summer.
·        Get my awesome bum back…God I have been drinking complan for the past few weeks. That thing doesn’t taste so nice.
·        Driving school. Ofcourse I want to learn how to drive. I have gotten over the thought of getting a personal driver L
·        Work. CitiBank. I hope they pay me good money. I love the whole idea of working in an office, wearing short skirts and bending down :D
·        Travelling. Switzerland. With my dad. I pray that would turn out nice and my pessimistic self would be put to shame.


  1. "I love the whole idea of working in an office, wearing short skirts and bending down :D"

    Oh? Alakoba somebody :p


    I enjoyed reading this.