Thursday, 12 July 2012

Silent words of prayer

I am here. I am wounded. I am broken. I am weak. I am tired.
I am here. Torn apart. Hurt and Bitter. With my eyes drowned by my tears.
I am here. ALone.With these horrible thoughts that slice deeep iinside my heart.
I am here. In need of help and someone to hold my hand. Tell me that its all going to okay.
I am here. Sentenced to death by regrets and that sick chorous forever playing in my head "I told you so"
I am here. Needing God. On my knees trying to pray.
I am here.Confused. Hurt. Angry. Broken. With no words to say to Him.
I am here. Make me whole. Make me strong. Make me new.
I am here. Unworthy. Clothed in shame. I NEED YOU LORD.
I am here. Lord please take all the hurt away. Give me a new heart. Be with me so I never feel alone again. Be my strength so I never feel weak again.
I am here. I need to find that path. The one that leads to green grass.
I am here. I need direction. I need comfort. I need a right mind. I need your word.
I am here. I need to hear Your voice. Just this once.
I am here. Lost. Trying to find my way in the midst of all this chaos.
I am here. In dust and ashes. Crying these silent words of prayer. I NEED YOU LORD.

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