Monday, 30 July 2012

A New Story

She was numb. She was lifeless. She was drained of every atom of life. This was my girl friend, every time I made love to her. I wasn’t her first. She had been doing this long before she met me. The sex was almost disgusting as I always got irritated of how hard and horny I was. She made me think that sex was disgusting. I really liked her. I tried so hard to control my urges. Not that she argued or complained. I mean, she always said yes. But then her body would scream.”NO! NO!! NO!!!” At a particular point in time I thought something was wrong with her. Emotionally. Psychologically. Physically. Medically. My mind couldn’t decide on which one it was. So my sex life became sooo dead. I resolved to wanking off at magazines and pornos when she wasn’t around. I hadn’t the balls to cheat until now. And this girl made everything change. She was in my group for carrying out a project for our final paper. She had always been in my class. I never really noticed her till now. So shy. So quiet. So naïve with those huge eyes that seem to pierce deep into your soul. I did not know how this began. She was not the prettiest girl. She was not so attractive. Never haunting till now. Her frail body. Those compelling dark eyes. Her red lipstick made my eyes catch them every single second. Her well shaped bum, a bit big for her thin stature. I suddenly felt confused. I didn’t just want her. I really really wanted her. And my body responded in a way it never did before. My mind making mental images of us both. Together. My eyes, my mind..undressed every bit of her clothing. I saw her moan in my head as I bit at her nipples. I analyzed her. She didn’t have big breasts. No that didn’t matter. She had the most awesome bum ever. It was nicely shaped. The type of arse you’d want to do many things to. I felt myself get hard. I turned away in embarrassment ….
Just being around her, everything seemed different. For the first time in a long time, I felt things I hadn’t felt in a long time. I wanted to touch her so bad it hurt. All it was was weird and awkward. Especially when we were alone together. This went on till it finally happened. She had gotten so upset over her row with one of the girls. She was shaken, crying in the empty lab when I entered. Emotions over whelmed me. I went to her and took her in my arms. She was so soft, so small in my arms. My heart went out to her. I wanted to say something to comfort her but nothing came from my mouth. I forgot everything. How to speak. How to think. How to breathe. I raised her face and kissed her fully on the mouth. Her lips were full and soft, her tongue inviting. All of a sudden I wanted to do anything for this girl. Tell her she didn’t need to cry, that she’d never cry ever again. I wanted to protect her. Make her smile once more. I wanted to be everything, anything she wanted me to be for her. My hands felt her body. Her small waist, her large bum. I swallowed hard. I carried her and put her on the lab table. I wanted her to be my experiment. I wanted to taste and explore every part of her. I took of her clothes. I almost choked. My hands began to tremble. This was more than I wanted. More than I expected. The silky smooth feel of her skin was like good wine and I was fast becoming intoxicated. My mouth on her throat. My fingers in her hair. My tongue and mouth sulking her breasts. My hands squeezing her butt. I was everywhere at once. The heat was unbearable. Hearing her moan out loud when I pulled at her nipples lightly with my teeth was the last straw. I yanked her roughly towards me and entered her. I could feel her tightness engulf me. I was almost insane from the sweet pleasure. I felt myself bursting in delight again and again. I felt myself fall into nothingness. I couldn’t hole back any longer as I spewed my seed inside her. I knew she came then as her fingers pierced my bad as she arched her back and threw her head back, making the most sexy of female sounds. We collapsed together. Drained. I sighed in satisfaction. That was the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to me. I held her and that moment I knew that I was never going to let go.

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