Monday, 21 May 2012

20 may 2012

I hate love
It makes a fool of you
and squashes u on the ground like an insect
Broken, defeated, destabilized
leaves you brutually wounded for death
the worst kind, the most painful ones
where you feel your heart bleed from hurt
where you pray to die fast
where you detest living
and see tomorrow as a curse.
It gives you false hope
that makes your soul worry
and then your worst fears come alive
just as you thought they would
and your only companion would be
the tears, the hurt, the shame
they never go away
they push you further into nothingness
when you do not know what,how,when,where
it hurts the most
pain takes you through each day
then your only prayer is to disappear,
vanish from the face of the earth
but then you are already dead
because what you live is indeed death
but what kills you the second time
is looking into the eyes of the one who hurt you
the one you loved.

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