Sunday, 13 May 2012

My pen and paper

I love this pen, this paper. You are my place of release. I look forward to pouring out my random craziness into your poor but ever receptive and never judgmental pages. You’ll be my only true companion. You wont call me “freak”, ”white girl”, ”dumb blonde” like the others. You wont misunderstand what I tell you, you wont go telling everyone my deep secrets. You wont run away from me. I feel you understand what’s happening now. I know life is hard but this isn’t how bad it was intended to be. Its TOO MUCH. Its not human for one to hurt this much. So I am alone now. Very alone. It is in this sober moment that I want to go over my life and ponder, prolly discover where I went wrong in my life. Ha! I have been all wrong from the start. The kind of wrong, that’s so wrong that its just right I guess. Even the way I see life is wrong. I have done many wrong things in my life. I don’t think I guess. No I think too much. But at the wrong times. I’m the spontaneous type. I don’t think before making major decisions, and when it goes wrong, I’d think the whole year in misery, sadness and regret.

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