Sunday, 19 February 2012

We are not children anymore

We had always been so close. When we were kids,  we’d play kid games together, mess around with the sand, run around butt naked, and drink the water from the rain. We used to be a pain to both our parents with all the mischief we caused. We grew older, we remained playmates. We went off to the same primary school, always together. We shared everything. As I grew older I became shy. I started growing breasts and you started hanging out with the boys more often. I couldn’t change in front of you anymore, and I had started having weird thoughts about you. I wondered if you understood sometimes. I missed the times we had before when nothing seemed to matter. I started worrying about stuff, how I looked, my hair, my face. I started looking pretty just to see you. I did steal my moms lipstick and smear it over my mouth, I’d steal her perfume to smell good..just for you. Holding hands with you now seemed weird and I’d think about it, how your hands felt in mine for hours when I got back home. Then when you told me you had feelings for me, my heart melted in joy. We were both so naïve, you would peck me  on my cheek and I would giggle shamelessly. Then we got much older. You pulled me to the corner of the street and kissed me fully on the mouth, your lips teased mine in the most delightful manner, your tongue intertwining with was magical. You showed me what a real kiss felt like. You created feelings in me that I didn’t understand. After that day, we kissed every time, everywhere, we became addicted to it. It brought some kind of intimacy we both enjoyed.  You started fondling me, touching me in my delicate places. You seemed to be fascinated by my breasts, you would tug at them all day. You would put your hand under my skirt to feel the skin in my inner thighs. On that fateful day, we were at your place watching a movie. No one was home. We started kissing again. This time you took my up to your room and told me to undress. I obeyed, taking off a piece of clothing at a time till I stood fully naked before you. I was red with embarrassment. You took my hands and told my I was beautiful. My heart sang.  I loved you so much it hurt. You touched me everywhere, your hands took my small  breasts and squeezed them , I felt you touch me in places I had never been touched before. You took off your clothes and then you put your penis inside of me. I cried out in pain.  You started to move inside me. I felt you occupy all of me, your huge penis in my feminine tightness, the pain was unbearable. I closed my eyes and bit my lips. Things were never going to be the same after that.

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