Thursday, 16 February 2012

The diet that saves 

Carbohydrates has been noted as a deadly killer. It is the meal with the highest quantity of sugar and fat. If the fat isn’t worked off right, it is stored in the body, which gradually leads to obesity.  It carries lots of sugar which causes diabetes also. It is good to eat healthy and on time. It has been advised that meals should not be taken into the body after 6pm so the body is able to digest the food you eat. People have large tummies because they eat late. Note this. My story begins here.  So my dad was told he was diabetic and there was lots of sugar found in his blood. They made him get drugs to start taking. This worried my dad and he sent his medical tests results and the name of the drugs to his doctor friend in Italy. He then got to know that the drugs were for life, that once he started he would forever continue with them. This friend then put him on a diet that would reduce his sugar level. He went on this diet for a month before going back to the doctor’s. His sugar level had reduced.  The doctors were astonished like it was a miracle. But it wasn’t.  it was the diet. Doctors in Nigeria in general do not really care about the welfare of their patients, they are all about prescribing drugs so that they sell their drugs. This is bad. This diet cure my dad of something he would have to take drugs for a lifetime to cure. He continues on this diet still. The diet is also a slimming diet of course. To me it sucks but oh well, its healthy. Thank God we don’t get to eat the same thing tho J
·      1.    Lots of green. Different types of green: green vegetables, garden egg leaf,  carrots, tomatoes, etc.
·        2.  The only thing he eats after six pm is fruits: water melon, paw paw, apples, oranges, and banana. Eat fruits everyday.
·     3.     Wheat  instead of semolina and eba.
·     4.     Of course no more sugar, ice cream, cookies, junk food
·       5.   No more beef, only chicken and fish
·         6. Wheat bread.
·         7. Green, herbal tea taken with lemon, of course no sugar.
·        8.  No white rice, brown rice instead.
·        9.  No oil in his soup (none at all)
·        10.  And lastly lots and lots of exercise.

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