Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I seriously dont know why I write these things. But its a talent..dont judge me :)

You touch me once, I feel a thrill go down my spine
You touch me again, my knees go weak I cannot stand anymore
You touch me once more, I cannot stop myself, I moan out loud
You touch me now, I open up. All yours.

Touch me here, touch me there, touch me everywhere
Run your fingers through my hair
Kiss my mouth, no my neck, of course my breasts
Squeeze them and take them into your mouth       
And tease them till they get aroused.

I want to feel your hands everywhere
Make me shiver with delight
Let me understand all that is carnal need
I want you to make me burn in pleasure
Let our hot breaths mingle
And our body heat combine
To create the most wonderful explosion.

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