Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I remember everything. I’d let our song “something special” by Usher play and reminiscence. I’d remember how your body felt against mine, how good your lips felt against mine, how you were “needy” all through and when I tried taking weed for the first time and messed everything, taking the light off on my tummy. I still have the burn and you have my tank top with the burnt hole on it. I had never been so open with anyone before. It was all new to me. I want you more than anything now. Its like a drug…
Now I have got you, now I have got March.  We shall not be robbed. We wouldn’t need to be any where else. We don’t need to be confined to that same room that reeks of sex and weed to have a blissful moment. No more rejections or torture just willingness and enthusiasm. Everything will be perfect like the gods planned for us.
This time it shall be different. Our love making shall be divine. The air would be filled with my satisfied moans and sweet feminine sounds, your labored breathing and groans, as we “dwelve” into the unknown. It shall be complete this time. We shall be complete. There would be no reason to worry or run. For we shall have world and time to ourselves. We shall make love in land and water. We shall let the water will slid down our joined bodies. Our lovelorn souls will find that wonderful place where miracles happen. And indeed it shall be perfect.
Words of promise from November to March.

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