Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Love's first kiss.

There are times when things become clearer, times when the things you couldn't understand suddenly become so simple. You realize you've always known the truth. Times like this seem the longest. You also remember.
You remember  how it felt when he first kissed you. You remember how your small body leaned into his big one. You remember his hand circle your waist drawing you closer. Apparently close isn't close enough. You remember how his tongue teased your mouth. You remember how you forgot to breathe. How your mind couldn't understand the multitude of emotions flowing through so it let you just feel. You remember how your body responded till you finally let out that first moan against his mouth. You remember how your heart warmed up and smiled.
You also remember how those moments seemed forever short. You remember how bad you wanted more. You remember how you hugged your pillow those nights. You remember the million times you wished him there to hold you. You remember when those songs made you think of him. You remember the times he came to you in your dreams. You remember the times you felt alone only because he wasn't there...

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