Sunday, 3 May 2015


She was where love came to die. Her heart was weighed down by the heaviness of their absence, each one of them. She made a room for everyone of them even after they left. She still entertained thoughts of them still and the lives she could be living if they stayed. It came from being too easy to talk to, from getting so attached too easily, from being too straightforward in a world where everyone did and said the opposite of what they felt.

Every time she tells her body no. She tells her heart not to. Tells her senses not to pick up the nice compliments, his intense eyes, how warm his fingers feel when they hold hers, the way his presence heat her up on the inside, the way his lips welcomes hers to deeper intimacy when he kisses her goodnight.

Sam was honey. She didn't need to tell him she needed him. He was always there, doing things, saying things, making her believe she was not alone. Till he just stopped and her world stopped too.

Tony thought he wanted her. He found something dark and appealing about her silence, her eager eyes, the nakedness of her words. He found himself exhausted on the second day after they met. Messaging her became a chore. She needed too much.

Ron was a tornado that carried her in his rotating wind. He said the right words that had him buried against her breasts, his harsh loud breaths on her skin in tune with his careless thrusts into her. His was the shortest and the easiest to understand. She knew what he wanted, she didn't expect him to stick around but he left her devastated all the same, a bit less of the person that she was.

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