Tuesday, 4 March 2014

2nd March 2014.

Its was too silent today
Too silent for her to worry about her parents failing marriage
The way they always screamed at each other with hateful glaring eyes
Too silent for her to remember the doctors were killing her brother in the hospital
Malaria is always the problem, till the person dies
Too silent for her to grieve about her loneliness
The way she held her pillow to sleep on her lonely bed
and wondered why no one cared enough to stay
Too silent for her to ponder about her sexuality
why she found the glow in Claire's hair so fascinating
why she wanted to plunder her soft mouth
to bury her head and deeply inhale her fruity smell
Too silent to worry about her growing emptiness and lack of ambition
Her inability to dream impossible fantasies
Her fate was stiff and uncompromising
Her reality mirrored her future too clearly
She could see herself,
a single mother of five kids she could hardly cater for
she could see a life of hardship and pain
She couldn't dream for better
This is the only way she could see life
The only life she knew.

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