Wednesday, 7 May 2014

5 May 2014.

There is the period.
You feel invincible. Like you're soaring on blue and white clouds out of the reach of everything beneath.
In your love struck eyes you see that one person who keeps you floating. You're smiling dreamily trying to absorb the moment that's overwhelming you.
Somehow you know it’s not right to feel this good. This alive. But you let yourself feel all of it anyway. 
That person. That has become your everything. Your very being. That you see years from now, by your side, still holding your hand.
All of a sudden life doesn't seem so horrid and anything seems possible.  

And there is the period
When the person leaves and you seem to be falling. Not back to earth but straight to hell. Where pain is heightened so you can feel your own heart break. 
When you can't think, can't breathe. You are suffocating. Because your own life is leaving you.
You like the darkness because you cannot do anything without remembering that person. You simply can't bear living because living is pain.

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