Monday, 2 December 2013

"Do you love her?"

“Do you love her?” the woman asked eying me suspiciously.
I thought of Georgina and why I got so attracted to her in the first place.
“She’s like a sister to me, really smart with a good heart” I told Mrs Adeniyi, looking her right in her eyes.
Georgina was smart above everything, smart and good. She was one of the few I found a certain peace in.
Georgina was also big boobs, nice ass, and a good kisser too. Georgina was always wet. Always wet when my finger or my tongue found her down there. Georgina got me turned on above what I thought was possible. Abandoning our friends, sneaking to dark corners, just because we couldn’t wait to get out hands on each other.
I loved Georgina high, she was always horny when high. I watched her count the Christmas lights dreamily through heavy eyes. Right then I wanted to claim her for myself. Devour her mouth with mine, kiss her breasts and suck at her nipples, part her legs and lick her wetness off, stroking her clit just to get her wetter. Hear her moan the way she does and hold on to me desperately not to fall in the gutter.
Georgina and I liked to pass the day with each other. She made me see the positive parts of life that gave me strength enough to hope. Sometimes I worried I felt something more for her, but I never dared to ask myself the question till the woman blurted it out demanding an answer..
“Women don’t drink, smoke or kiss each other on the mouth”, she was saying. I tried hard to act like I was paying attention. A memory of Georgina’s lips on mine flashed in my mind. Soft, inviting, giving. “You will not keep a man with this attitude. Women are reserved, domestic, religious…” She eying me again, “Can you cook, clean, take care of your husband?”. I hated to cook. I was one of the few that found the issue of desperately impressing your husband to keep him from cheating repulsive. “My pussy is good enough to keep any man”, I’d say. Whoever my husband would be he should learn to make sacrifices too.
  The woman was still talking. Maybe I loved Georgina, maybe I just cared so much about her. This wasn’t the first time I loved a girl. I remembered what it felt like. The confusion, all that hurt and heartbreak. I didn’t want to go back to that. Georgina was different. This was different.

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