Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Spiritual Revival.

Strange things have begun to happen. Everyone running for Jesus now. Judgmental eyes stare at you, “Go Purge yourself!” they say. I see that Pharisee spirit surround me now. Looking for someone to condemn, someone to judge. An air of spirituality, they all claim to know God. A small voice inside assures me “Be calm, let time be the judge of this”. The scriptures tell us in Matthew 13:24-30. When the time is right, there will be a separation of the genuine from the fake. They all claim to know God but some of them have their hearts far away from Him. Time tests the strength of your faith. Many will fall by the wayside. I find it very astounding that just as color blocking was in vogue, the same has become of spirituality. Spirituality is in fashion now. Everyone struggling to speak in tongues even when they do not understand what’s it all about. People struggle to be called “Jesus boy” or “Christian Freak”. So when this spirituality is out of vogue, how many will find it attractive still? I find it very offensive that most of them do not understand the seriousness of what this is. There is a God that knows all and sees all, even deep within. He knows who’s real and who’s not. The End is near however. False prophets. False people. Everywhere. Test yourself. Test you faith. Test the spirits. Everyone wants to make heaven. No one wants to perish. Strange things are happening. Do not be left behind. Find something real in the midst of all the fakeness going around. Hold on to God while you still can. All my life I’ve been waiting for a manifestation of God in my Life. For a reason to believe. But now I think I'm getting there. Its been a long time since I’ve had this feeling. The feeling of hope.         


  1. out with the heart on a blank page of programmed ink, ur feeling are understood...line by line, laying in deep thought of reasoning deep and attracting like a new saint!! ur writing is good, a fan of writers i am... didnt know there was this much to you till i had to go through all ur posts.. nice blog...nice perspective...wud see u in the future tender 1 :)

    1. Aww..Thank you. It is always encouraging to know what I write is appreciated :)

  2. awwww...kuku my darling i love ur blog... ur soo gifted