Friday, 9 November 2012


And then its just today, maybe a few more days, months or so.The days go by and I hardly notice. Like I'm falling into a pit of nothingness. Sometimes I try to remember the times I actually cared but then the memories seem vague, unreal, like a dream where just bits and pieces come back to me. and then when I try to hold onto the things I actually care about just so that I can feel something once more, and then I'm lost in my different confused thoughts. My thirst grows stronger as I grow each day older. This dry desert I'm stuck in now. I thought feeling something was weakness but unfeeling is worse. Its just emptiness, a huge void, a box of nothing. So now I'm sitting in some annoying class, rolling my eyes because once again I am dead bored. So I'm taking each day at a time. last time I counted its like 200 and something days left. So for the next few days, weeks, months, I have to try to care, or act like I do, like this is important. Its my life anyway.

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